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 Theories may be removed if ... 
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  3. Illogical or previously disproven.
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The origin of House Cassel is not explained in the published books yet. However, some fans have speculated the Cassels might be related to the Starks of Winterfell, more particularly to Lonnel Snow.

Coat of arms

According to a semi-canon source, the coat of arms of House Cassel depicts ten white wolf heads on grey with a black border.[1] Those arms are similar to those of House Stark but with a reversed coloring.[2] The device on the Cassel's coat of arms is also the same as the one used by Robb Stark on his personal arms, but duplicate ten times.

Founder of House Cassel

It is possible the founder of House Cassel was a bastard of House Stark related to a tenth child. Because:

  • The color inversion is sometimes used by noble bastards as they are not allowed to use the arms of their families.[3]
  • Younger sons are known to replicate the device of their House's coat of arms to show their status as a second child, third child, etc.[4]

Lonnel Snow meet those two conditions:

  • As he was the bastard son of Lord Brandon Stark,[5] his personal arms could display the reversed coloring of the Starks.
  • The device replicate ten times could come from the fact that Lord Brandon was himself the tenth child of Lord Cregan Stark.[5]

A trueborn son of Lonnel is also a possible candidate for the founder of House Cassel (in the same way as the trueborn son of Ser Jon Waters was the founder of House Longwaters).[6]