House Caswell

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House Caswell of Bitterbridge
House Caswell
Coat of arms Argent, a centaur with bow or
Seat Bitterbridge
Lord Lorent Caswell
Region The Reach
Title Lord of Bitterbridge
Defender of the Fords
Overlord House Tyrell

House Caswell of Bitterbridge is a noble house from the Reach. Their seat is Bitterbridge, where the Roseroad meets the river Mander.[1] Their blazon is a yellow centaur with bow on white.[2][3] The Caswells carry the title Defender of the Fords.[4]


Orbert Caswell served as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

During the Dance of the Dragons, Tom Flowers, the Bastard of Bitterbridge, was one of the commanders of the blacks during the Battle on the Honeywine. He was burned alive by the dragon Tessarion when Daeron the Daring joined the battle.[5]

House Caswell fought for the Targaryens during the Blackfyre Rebellion. Ser Kyle claimed to have saved the life of Lord Armond Caswell, Lord of Bitterbridge during the rebellion. Armond's son, Lord Joffrey Caswell, faced Kyle in the Whitewalls tourney, unhorsing the knight in the first tilt.[4]

Ser Cleyton Caswell was one of the suitors for Lady Rohanne Webber's hand.[2]

Old Lord Caswell's son, Ser Lorent, took a gift longsword made by Bitterbridge's armorer for his own son, Rolly. Lorent was wounded by Rolly in anger, after which Rolly fled in exile for the Golden Company.[6]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Lord Lorent Caswell is a wispy, young man. He follows his liege, Lord Mace Tyrell, in declaring for King Renly Baratheon on the outset of the War of the Five Kings. Renly's host encamps beneath the walls of Bitterbridge, which is where Lady Catelyn Tully meets him, finding his army engaging in tourney and feast. After Renly's death at Storm's End and the fall of the castle to Stannis, Lord Caswell shuts himself up within Bitterbridge.

A Feast for Crows

While searching for Sansa Stark, Brienne of Tarth encounters two guards at the gates of Maidenpool wearing the livery of House Caswell. This indicates House Caswell followed their liegelords of House Tyrell in declaring for King Joffrey.

House Caswell at the end of the third century

The known Caswells during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:

Historical members

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