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{{Noble House  
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| House_name          = House Darry of Darry
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House Darry of Darry
House Darry.png
Coat of arms Tennée, a plowman
Seat Darry
Lord Raymun Darry
Region The Riverlands
Heir Lyman Darry
Overlord House Tully
Died out 298 AL

House Darry of Darry is a noble house from the Riverlands. Historically it had been one of the more prominent and powerful houses of the Trident, tracing their rule to the days when the Andals cast down the First Men. They were proven Targaryen loyalists, supporting King Daeron II over the Black Dragon and later defending King Aerys II against Robert and their liege lord, Hoster Tully, until the bitter end. [1] The defeat of the Targaryens cost the Darrys half of their lands, most of their wealth, and almost all their power.

Their blazon is a black plowman on brown. [2] Their words do not appear in the books.

The location of the Darry castle has not been shown by canon published maps. However, its approximate coordenates can be deducted from the text: it is repeated several times that it is close to Harrenhal. Robert's company spent the night at Darry when Arya was lost because it was the nearest castle on the confluence between the Kingsroad and the Trident. That places the Darry Castle close to Lord Harroway's Town.

The Darry Castle, though old, is a relatively small castle. The central building where the Darrys have their apartments is called "the Plowman's Keep".

For unknown reasons, Lord Raymund Darry is called Ser Raymund Darry during A Game of Thrones. However, his lordly rank is mentioned once.

The Darry House at the end of the third century

The known Darrys during the timespan of the events described on A Song of Ice and Fire are:

With unspecified familiar relationship to the main branch of the house there is also:

  • {Ser Willem Darry}: Master-at-arms of the Red Keep before Robert's Rebellion. He departed to Dragonstone with queen Rhaella and Viserys, and later fled with Viserys and Daenerys to Braavos. An old man, he died on Braavos from illness.
  • {Ser Jonothor Darry}: Member of Aerys II's Kingsguard. Died at the Battle of the Trident. Brother to Ser Willem. [3]
  • Mariya Darry: Wife of Merrett, the tenth son of Lord Walder Frey. Mother to Amerei, Fat Walda, Marissa and Little Walder. Probably, Lord Raymun's sister.
  • Jeyne Darry: Mariya's younger sister. Married to Cleos, the first son of the second son (Emmon) of Lord Walder Frey. Mother to Tywin and Willem. Probably, Lord Raymun's sister. [4]

Lord Darry
Lord Darry
3 older
Pate of the
Blue Fork
"Fat" Walda
"Little" Walder

References in the books

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • Daenerys explained how Ser Willem Darry and four loyal men had smuggled her and her brother out of Dragonstone to Braavos. She remembers Ser Willem dimly, as an ill, half-blind big man, who terrified their servants but treated her kindly.
  • During the hunt for Arya Stark and Mycah, Robert I and his party stay at Castle Darry. Ser Raymun dislikes Robert because his family fought for Aerys II, and lost three brothers at the Trident.
  • Ser Raymun was summoned with all his strength at Riverrun. Meanwhile, Gregor Clegane and his men ravaged his lands. He was sent with Ser Marq Piper and Ser Karyl Vance to report the incident to the Iron Throne.
  • Lord Raymun was part of the expedition commanded by Lord Beric Dondarrion to capture Gregor Clegane. The party was ambushed by Gregor, and he was killed in the fight.
  • After Robb's victory at the Battle of the Camps, Marq Piper and Karyl Vance bring to Riverrun Lord Raymun's son and new lord of Darry: a child called Lyman.
  • Lyman Darry attends the council at Riverrun where Robb is crowned king. There he assures that he will never call a Lannister his king.
  • There is a song about some Lord Deremond at the Bloody Meadow, who was presumably a Darry. Some of its verses are: "And there he stood with sword in hand, the last of Darry’s ten ..."
  • Little Walder Frey quartered his shield to depict in one quarter the plowman of his mother's house.
  • When Robb gave leave to the riverlords to return to their castles, Lyman returned to Darry. Just after he had arrived, Gregor Clegane returned and killed him and all his garrison. He was only eight, and the last heir of Darry through the male line.
  • Ser Helman Tallhart took the castle from the Lannister garrison, that surrendered. Roose Bolton told him that King Robb had ordered to kill all the garrison, put the castle to the torch and leave the castle.
  • After the Battle of the Blackwater, Joffrey I awarded Ser Lancel Lannister the lands, castle and rights of House Darry. The move was arranged by Lord Tywin to thank his loyal brother Ser Kevan.
  • Castle Darry was occupied by outlaws after the northmen departure. Kevan sent Ser Harwyn Plumm, called The Hardstone, to expel them.
  • When he decided that he wanted to be a warrior, Prince Rhaegar asked Ser Willem Darry to provide him sword and armor.
  • Ser Jon Darry and Ser Barristan Selmy were sent to Stony Sept to rally the remnants of the Targaryen army defeated at the Battle of the Bells to prepare them for the Trident.
  • Among the famous Lord Commanders of the Kingsguard, there is "the Demon of Darry".
  • Jaime remembers Jon Darry as an earnest man.
  • Merrett Frey married Mariya, the daughter of Lord Darry, just before the rebellion. He complains that the match turned a bad one after the Darrys lost all their prominence.
  • Tom Sevenstrings accuses Sandor Clegane of the death of Raymun Darry and his son, although it was the work of his brother.
  • Kevan married his son to Amerei Frey, the eldest daughter of the female heir to Darry, to strengthen his claim over the Darry lands. She brought with her to Darry her mother, one sister and some uncles and cousins.
  • Probably after Kevan's recommendation, Lancel quartered his Lannister arms with the Darry plowman.
  • Kevan helps Lancel to rebuild Darry, but departs soon due to disagreements with his son and his new religious zeal.
  • The day Aerys II burned Lord Chelsted, he abused his wife Rhaella at night. Jaime was guarding them with Jon Darry and asked him whether they should protect her as a member of the royal family. Darry answered that they were sworn to protect her, but not from him.
  • Jaime and his company spend a night at Darry's castle on their way to Riverrun.
  • Jaime remembers how Tyrion Lannister discovered hidden tapestries of the Targaryen kings during his visit with Robert, uncovering that the Darrys still were Targaryen loyalists.
  • Genna complains that Darry, though smaller, was a safer place than Riverrun and would have preferred it, since the male line of the Darrys was already extinguished.
  • Blind Norbert Vance squired together with Brynden Tully for Lord Darry.

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