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House Hightower is one of the most important and powerfull vazals of the Tyrells (and before them of House Gardner).

The family is very old and exists since the Dawn of Days when the were petty-kings. During the comming of the Andals and the creation of the Kingdom of the Reach the Hightowers allied with the newcomers. Thus were able the keep their wealth and lands. Oldtown and High Tower are in their keep. The sigil of House Hightower is a white tower, with a fire in the top. Their words are We Light the Way.


Leyton Hightower

Lord of Hightower. His titles are Voice of Oldtown, Lord of the Port, Lord of the High Tower, Defender of the Citadel, Beacon of the South. He is also called The Old Man of Oldtown. It is not clear if that is aonother title of the Lord of Hightower or a personal alias.


Daughter of Lord Leyton. At the tournament of Lannisport she met Lord Jorah Mormont. He became madly in love with her and asked if he could wear her colours in the comming tournament. She aggreed and motivated by this he excelled in the tournament and won. He crowned her Queen of Love and Beauty and asked for her hand. They were married short after. The marriage soon became a desillusion for her. Jorah was not rich and could not buy her things for her (expansive taste). He was never able to repeat his performance in a tournament of Lannisport and his defeats cost also money. To get money Jorah sold some poachers to a slaver. When this was discovered the had to flee to the Free Cities. Lynesse became tired of being poor and left Jorah to become the mistress of Tregar Ormollen of Lys.

Other current members

  • Rhea, Lady of the Hightower, fourth wife of Lord Leyton. She was born a Florent and is the daughter of Lord Alester Florent.
  • Ser Baelor. Eldest son of Lord Leyton and his heir. He is married to Ronda Rowen.
  • Malora. Daughter of Lord Leyton. Known as "the Mad Maid"
  • Alerie, Lady of Highgarden. Daughter of Lord Leyton, married to Lord Mace Tyrell.
  • Ser Garth. Son of Lord Leyton, called Greysteel
  • Denyse. Daughter of Lord Leyton, married with Ser Desmond Redwyne. They have a son called Denys.
  • Leyla. Daughter of Lord Leyton
  • Alysanne. Daughter of Lord Leyton, married to Lord Arthur Ambrose
  • Ser Gunther. Son of Lord Leyton, married to Jeyne Fossoway of the green apple Fossoways
  • Ser Humfrey. Son of Lord Leyton.

Historical members

  • Ser Gerold Hightower. Uncle of Lord Leyton. He was Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. After the dead of King Aerys and prince Rhaegar he stayed loyal to the Targaryens and died in the Battle of the Tower of Joy.
  • Ser Otto Hightower. According to history he was Hand of a King, famous for his learning but a failure as hand.
  • Runcel Hightower. He was Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and tried to leave the Watch to his bastard son.
  • Ser Abelar Hightower. According to The Hedge Knight he was a participant of the Tournament of Ashford and heir of Hightower