House Hornwood

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House Hornwood is a Northern House sworn to [[Winterfell]. Their sigil is a moosehead. Their words are "Righteous in Wrath"
The lands of the house borders on the lands of House Bolton and House Manderly.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Known members of the House:

Halys Hornwood

Halys, Lord of Hornwood, was killed in the Battle on the Green Fork.

Daryn Hornwood

Son of Halys and Donella. He was killed in the Battle of the Wisperingwood.

Donella Hornwood

Wife of Halys Horwood. She was born a Manderly and is a cousin of Lord Wyman. At the time of ASOIF she is a middle-aged woman, past the time of child barring. After the death of her husband and son she had a number of suitors who would like to marry her and become regent of the Hornwood lands. And there was the question of the succession. The candidates with the best chances seemed to be Larence Snow, the bastard son of Lord Halys, and Beren Tallhear, second son of Lord Tallheart. His mother, Lady Berena Talllheart, was a sister of Lord Halys.

The Bastard of Bolton struck first. He captured Hornwood, forced Lady Donella to marry him, and killed her by starving her. He then took the Hornwood lands as his own. In reaction Lord Wyman send soldiers to capture the castle.

Berena Talllheart

Sister of Lord Halys. Her son is suggested as adoptive son and heir for Lady Donella.

Larence Snow

The bastard son of Lord Halys, he is presently in the care of House Glover. He is suggested as heir of Hornwood.