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House Hornwood of Hornwood
House Hornwood.PNG
Coat of arms A brown bullmoose with black antlers on orange
(Tenné, a bullmoose brunâtre attired sable)
Words Righteous in Wrath
Seat Hornwood
Region north
Title Lord of the Hornwood
Overlord House Stark (AGOT)
House Bolton (ADWD)

House Hornwood of Hornwood is a noble house whose seat is Hornwood in the north. They are among the principal bannermen of Starks of Winterfell.[1] Their sigil is a bull moose, brown on a field of dark orange.[2][3][4] Their words are "Righteous in Wrath".[5]

The lands of the house, which include the forest of the Hornwood and other castles beside Hornwood,[6] border those of House Bolton and House Manderly.[7][6] The Hornwoods' lands extend west to the White Knife.[2] Their ruler is known as the Lord of the Hornwood.[8]


Lord Hornwood's younger son disappeared in Flea Bottom during the Hour of the Wolf.[9] Hallis Hornwood and Timotty Snow founded the Wolf Pack after the Dance of the Dragons.[10]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Bran Stark sees the Hornwoods at Winterfell after Robb Stark calls the northern banners. Lord Halys Hornwood requests the return of a holdfast taken from his grandfather, hunting rights near a ridge, and permission to dam the White Knife.[2]

When the northern army splits at the Twins, Lord Halys goes with Lord Roose Bolton's army and his heir, Daryn, accompanies Robb to free Riverrun. The banners of House Hornwood are spotted by Tyrion Lannister at the battle on the Green Fork, at which Halys is killed.[11] Daryn is one of Robb's personal guard at the battle in the Whispering Wood, where he is killed by Ser Jaime Lannister.[12]

A Clash of Kings

Halys's widow, Donella, is now Lady of the Hornwood, but a matter of succession arises. House Hornwood is connected by the female line with House Karstark, House Flint, and House Tallhart, while Halys's bastard, Larence Snow, is fostered at Deepwood Motte by House Glover. Donella arrives at Winterfell for the harvest feast and meets with Bran and Ser Rodrik Cassel. She warns them that Ramsay Snow, Lord Bolton's bastard, is gathering soldiers at the Dreadfort. Maester Luwin advises her to increase her harvest storage from a fifth to a quarter. Mors Umber and Lord Wyman Manderly advance themselves as possible suitors to Lady Donella. It is suggested that Beren Tallhart, a son of Halys's sister Berena, could take the Hornwood lands and name to prevent the House from dying out.[7]

Lady Hornwood is captured by and forced to marry Ramsay, the Bastard of Bolton. Her cousin, Wyman Manderly, sends White Harbor men to take the Hornwood castle, and there is fighting in the Hornwood between Houses Manderly and Bolton.[13][14] Rodrik tries to rescue Donella, but discovers that Ramsay locked her in a tower and allowed her to starve to death. Rodrik tells Luwin that Ramsay and Donella's wedding appears to have been lawful and that she designated Ramsay as her heir before her death.[14]

When Rodrik aims to retake Winterfell from its ironborn captors, Theon Greyjoy spies some Hornwood banners among his host. Ramsay kills Rodrik in the battle at Winterfell, abducts Theon, and sacks Winterfell.[15]

A Storm of Swords

After the fighting at the fords of the Trident, Lord Roose Bolton leaves, among others, a hundred Hornwood bowmen to guard the Trident.[16] Larence Snow is held as a captive by Asha Greyjoy at Deepwood Motte.[17]

A Feast for Crows

Brienne of Tarth spots the badge of House Hornwood among those collected from the dead after the battle at Duskendale.[18]

A Dance with Dragons

Lord Tywin Lannister requires that Lord Wyman Manderly abandon his claim to Hornwood lands as a condition for peace with the Iron Throne.[6]

Davos Seaworth learns that smallfolk from along the White Knife and Hornwood have been seeking protection at White Harbor with House Manderly. Some Hornwood men are also reported to have joined Ramsay Bolton's force marching on Moat Cailin.[19] Theon Greyjoy sees the moose of the Hornwoods among the banners flying above Barrow Hall.[20]

Stannis Baratheon writes to Jon Snow that his growing army contains some Hornwood men who survived Ramsay's betrayal of Ser Rodrik Cassel at Winterfell.[21]

During the wedding of "Arya Stark", actually Jeyne Poole, to Ramsay in Winterfell, Ramsay is introduced as Lord of the Hornwood.[8] As the Manderlys are ostensibly supportive of House Bolton, Lord Manderly has presumably relinquished Hornwood to Ramsay. Lady Barbrey Dustin tells Theon that the Hornwood men who are at Winterfell for Ramsay's wedding and its upcoming siege have not forgotten how Ramsay treated Lady Donella.[22]

Larence Snow, the late Lord Halys Hornwood's bastard, is presumably freed from captivity when Stannis recovers Deepwood Motte from Asha Greyjoy.[23]

House Hornwood at the end of the third century

The known Hornwoods during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:



  • Maester Medrick, currently in Winterfell

Historical Members


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