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House Prester of Feastfires
Coat of arms A red ox on ermine
Words Tireless
Seat Feastfires
Lord Lord Garrison Prester
Region the Westerlands
Title Lord of Feastfires
Heir Ser Forley Prester
Overlord House Lannister

House Prester of Feastfires is one a noble house sworn to Casterly Rock. Their seat at Feastfires is located at the westernmost point of the Westerlands.

Their blazon is a red ox on ermine.[1]ref>The Citadel. Heraldry: Houses in the Westerlands</ref> Their motto is not mentioned in the books, but according to semi-canon sources it is "Tireless".[2]

The Prester House at the end of the third century

The known Presters during the timespan of the events described on A Song of Ice and Fire are:

References in the books

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • The Prester banner was seen among Lord Tywin Lannister's army in the Riverlands.
  • During the Siege of Riverrun, the south camp was under the command of Ser Forley Prester. When Robb Stark attacked and surprised the other camps and he saw they were lost, he retreated in good order but a Tyroshi sellsword commanding his freeriders went over to the foe.
  • The red ox was spotted by Arya Stark leaving Harrenhal with Tywin Lannister.
  • Ser Forley Prester retreated to the Golden Tooth with the remnants of the Lannister army, blocking the pass to the Westerlands and awaiting for an opportunity to strike back against Riverrun.
  • Ser Forley Prester joined Ser Daven Lannister to march on Riverrun and besiege it again altogether with the Freys.

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