House Staedmon

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House Staedmon
House Steadmon.PNG
Coat of arms Argent semée goutes de sang, a dagger piercing a hear sable, borduré gules.
Seat Broad Arch
Head Lord Alesander Staedmon
Region Stormlands
Overlord House Baratheon

House Staedmon of Broad Arch is one of the noble houses from the Stormlands sworn to the Baratheons of Storm's End.

Neither their arms or their motto appear in the books. In correspondence with fans George R.R. Martin has blazoned the arms as a black dagger piercing a red heart on white de sang within an undulating red border.

The Staedmon House at the end of the third century

The only known Staedmon during the timespan of the events described on A Song of Ice and Fire is:

  • Lord Alesander Staedmon: Lord of Broad Arch, called "Pennylover"

References in the books

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • Lord Alesander Stedmon was one of the prisoners that were captured on the Battle of the Blackwater and brought to King Joffrey for judgement.