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The House of Pahl is one of the ancient slaving families of Meereen. There pyramid is made of pink and white bricks [1].

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

During Daenerys Targaryen's conquest of Meereen, Oznak zo Pahl, the champion of the Great Masters during the Siege of Meereen was slain by Strong Belwas.[2]

Oznak's father, commander of the Meereenese City Watch, dies defending the city gates after Joso's Cock smashes them. Oznak's three uncles are among the one hundred and sixty three slavers Daenerys orders to be disemboweled and nailed to posts in Meereen's plaza in revenge for the one hundred and sixty three slave children that had suffered the same fate under the Great Masters' orders.[3]

A Dance with Dragons

With all of the Pahl men now slain, The House is hostile to the rule of Daenerys Targaryen and its household is suspected of being members of the Sons of the Harpy.[3]

The House of Pahl is now ruled by the women of the family. According to the Shavepate, they are bitter old women with a taste for blood.[3]

While in Daznak's Pit Daenerys espies those of House Pahl occupying the red and orange benches. They are in striped pink and white tokars.

When several Meereenese ships join the blockade of Meereen, Skahaz mo Kandaq presents Daenerys Targaryen a list with the names of the Meereenese captains and which families they belong to. House Pahl was among the names.[4]

Daenerys column passes between the pyramids of the House of Naqqan and the House of Pahl when enroute to Daznak's Pit [1].

References and Notes