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An ice dragon, by Elena María Vacas

An ice dragon is a legendary species of dragon.


Ice dragons are said to roam the Shivering Sea and the White Waste. Reportedly, they are far larger than the dragons of Valyria. Ice dragons are said to be made of living ice, with eyes of pale blue crystal, vast translucent wings, and breath of cold.[1]

There is a constellation of stars named the Ice Dragon to the north. Its blue eye points north.[2]

Maester Margate has suggested that the tales of Cannibal Bay may be explained as distorted reports of ice dragon activity.[1]

Old Nan used to tell tales of ice dragons.[3][4]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

On the Wall, Lord Commander Jon Snow finds himself remembering that in the tales that Old Nan, the breath of the ice dragon was very cold. He thinks of ice dragons three times in A Dance with Dragons.[3][5][4]


The wind was gusting, cold as the breath of the ice dragon in the tales Old Nan had told when Jon was a boy.[3]

The road beneath the Wall was as dark and cold as the belly of an ice dragon and as twisty as a serpent. [5]

The wind was blowing from the east along the Wall, cold as the breath of the ice dragon in the tales Old Nan used to tell.[4]

The Ice Dragon

In 1980 George R. R. Martin wrote a children’s novel about an ice dragon called The Ice Dragon. It marks his children's book debut. It is illustrated with pencil drawings by artist Yvonne Gilbert. Though several differences exist with the world of the A Song of Ice and Fire saga, several publishers insist The Ice Dragon is set in the same world.

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