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Brotherhood without banners.svgJackBrotherhood without banners.svg
Jack-Be-Lucky TheMico.jpg

Alias Jack-Be-Lucky
Title Ser[1]
Allegiance brotherhood without banners
Culture Rivermen
Born Westeros[2]

Jack, called Jack-Be-Lucky, is a member of the brotherhood without banners.[3]


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Jack only has one eye, and he wears a rusty pothelm.[3][1][4]


Jack was once imprisoned in Riverrun's dungeons.[3] His father was hanged by Lord Piper's bailiff, and his brother Wat was sent to the Wall.[5]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Jack-Be-Lucky is part of the group of the brotherhood who escort Arya Stark to see Lord Beric Dondarrion.[3] He blows his hunting horn when they arrive at a seemingly-abandoned village friendly to the outlaws,[3] as well as at the village of the Lady of the Leaves.[5] Jack explains that Lannisters have killed his brothers Lennocks and Lister.[5][1] At Stoney Sept he flirts with Bella at the Peach.[6]

During the battle at the burning septry, Jack finds Utt hiding under cellar steps, and the murderous septon is then hanged.[7] Jack has no luck playing dice with Anguy, and he approves of Beric knighting Gendry.[7]

When Merrett Frey is taken by the brotherhood after the Red Wedding, one-eyed Jack and Lem both claim to be Beric before Tom of Sevenstreams states that Beric is elsewhere. Jack helps in the hanging of Merrett for his involvement in the death of Robb Stark.[8]

A Feast for Crows

Jack is part of Lady Stoneheart's band of outlaws[9] after the passing of Beric. Jack encourages the hangings of Brienne of Tarth, Ser Hyle Hunt, and Podrick Payne.[4]

Quotes by Jack

The crows await us all. M'lord, the boy seems brave enough, and we do have need of what he brings us. Take him, says Jack.[7]

—Jack to Beric Dondarrion

Jeyne: Guest right don't mean so much as it used to. Not since m'lady come back from the wedding. Some o' them swinging down by the river figured they was guests too.

Lem: We figured different. They wanted beds. We gave 'em trees.

Jack: We got more trees, though. We always got more trees.[4]

Jack: The Kingslayer's whore.

Brienne: Why would you call me that?

Jack: If I had a silver stag for every time you said his name, I'd be as rich as your friends the Lannisters.[4]

—Jack and Brienne of Tarth

Quote about Jack

The other outlaws called him Jack-Be-Lucky, though losing an eye didn't seem very lucky to Arya.[3]

- thoughts of Arya Stark