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Second Sons small.png
Second Sons small.png
Alias Kasporio the Cunning
Kasporio the Cunt
Allegiance Second Sons
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons
The Winds of Winter (Appears)

Kasporio, better known as Kasporio the Cunning,[1] is the second-in-command of the sellsword company the Second Sons.[2]


Kasporio is slim and elegant, with a pointed beard. He wields a slender bravos blade with a jeweled hilt.[1] He wears a slashed pink doublet. Tyrion considers him not-so-cunning and a jackanapes.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

He, along with the rest of the Second Sons, went over to the Yunkai'i when Brown Ben Plumm thought Daenerys Targaryen's cause was lost.[3][4]

When Tyrion Lannister wrote out hundreds of documents promising large sums of gold to several high ranking members in the company, Kasporio was promised 10,000 Golden Dragons. [5]

Though Kasporio refers to himself as "Kasporio the Cunning", Ser Jorah has stated that "Kasporio the Cunt" would be more fitting. [1]

The Winds of Winter

As the Second Siege of Meereen is commencing Kasporio goes with Brown Ben Plumm to visit Girl General. After they return from visiting the Girl General he attends the meeting Ben has summoned. During the meeting he remarks that the Girl General and Pudding Face are no better than one another.


A nasty piece of work

– Ser Jorah Mormont, on Kasporio

References and Notes