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The King's Peace is a concept and law devised by Aegon I Targaryen for of all subjects of the Iron Throne, including nobles, prohibiting violence and war for the settling of disputes.[1][N 1]


Before the Conquest, wars between the realms of Westeros were common. Even at kingdoms said to be at peace, neighboring lords would often settle disputes violently. Following Aegon's Conquest, during which he unified six of the seven kingdoms under Targaryen rule, he devised the King's Peace, ending this practice.[1]

Under the King's Peace, liege lords are to adjudicate disputes of their vassal petty lords or landed knight, while those between the great houses of the realm are to be settled by the Iron Throne. Those nobles who go to war without the leave of the King are to be considered rebels and traitors to the Crown.[1]

The concept remained under use during the Targaryen and Baratheon dynasties, referring to the protection all loyal subjects enjoyed for their loyalty to the monarchy.


The first law of the land shall be the King's Peace and any lord who goes to war without my leave shall be considered a rebel and an enemy to the Iron Throne.[1]

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  1. George R. R. Martin was probably inspired by the principle of Anglo-Saxon law, which designates the legal protection granted by the judicial system, the head of state and the government to all the people who live on their territory.


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