Lady Buckler

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Lady Buckler
House Buckler.svg
Title Lady of Bronzegate
Allegiance House Buckler
Culture Stormlands
Died In 133 AC, the Blackwater Rush[1]
Spouse Lord Buckler (possibly)[2]
Issue Two daughters[1]
Book Fire and Blood (mentioned)

Lady Buckler was the Lady of Bronzegate and the head of House Buckler during the regency of King Aegon III Targaryen.[1] Her given name is unknown.


In 133 AC, Lady Buckler came to King's Landing with her two daughters to attend the Maiden's Day Ball, hoping that one of the two maidens would be chosen as Aegon III's new queen. The three ladies did not reach the capital, however, as they drowned when the boat that was carrying them across the Blackwater Rush foundered and sank.[1]

Some considered their deaths to be part of the "Maiden's Day curse". It was possible that this accident was orchestrated by Lord Unwin Peake, who wished to promote his own daughter as Aegon III's second queen.[1]


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