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A landed knight is a knight that takes residence in a keep with accompanying land. They have their own peasants and men-at-arms, and may even take sworn swords.

Landed knights are sworn to fight for the lord who holds dominion over their land. While the wealthiest knights manage more land than the poorest lords, landed knights do not have the authority to deliver justice in their land. Rather, they must appeal to their liege lord.[1]

According to George R. R. Martin certain landed knights, of ancient houses, with extensive lands, and large strong castles, may be lords in all but name. These knights may actually be more powerful than many smaller lordlings, so there is an overlap. Their peculiar status is often reflected by taking a style that incorporates the name of their castle, such as the "Knight of Ninestars". A landed knight could conceivably have greater holdings than a small lord. However, a landed knight has rather less prestige - a lord outranks a knight at feasts and tourneys, for instance.[2]


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