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Lemon is a fruit produced by the lemon tree. It is a popular fruit throughout the Seven Kingdoms and beyond and is used primarily for its juice, which has both culinary[1] and cleaning uses.[2]. Dorne provides many exotic products which are uncommon in the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, such as lemons. [3] Some lemon orchards in Dorne are watered by a spiders web of old canals. [4] In Meereen there are lemon trees in the lower terrace of the Great Pyramid . [5] Lemons have a strong smell, when encountering the scent of lemon it can trigger old memories in many characters. Food made with lemons tends to be associated with comfort, so much so that Tyrion Lannister thinks of lemon pie sarcastically when considering a royal rescue from Daenerys Targaryen.[6] Lemons can also feature in heraldry, House Dalt of Lemonwood arms are a purple field strewn with lemons.[7][8]


  • Lemon water can be used to freshen the breath[9]
  • Chief ingredient of lemon cake
  • Lemon sweet is a drink,[4]
  • Lemon water to bathe in to erase odors.[2].

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen thinks longingly of the house with the red door where she had a lemon tree outside her bedroom window.[10]

A Storm of Swords

At the Inn of the Kneeling Man Anguy asked Sharna if they can eat duck with lemons, Sharna gets annoyed, as it is impossible to grow lemon trees in the riverlands.[3]

A Feast for Crows

The air of the Water Gardens is sharp with the smell of lemons. [2]

Arriving in Sunspear, the Prince Doran’s retinue is accosted by townspeople calling for vengeance for the Red Viper. The townsfolk pelt lemons at Prince Doran’s litter. One of the guards is hit in the eye with a lemon. [2] Darkstar drinks unsweetened lemon water during the rendezvous at Shandystone. [4]

A Dance with Dragons

Abroad the Shy Maid Ysilla cooks a pike on a brazier squeezing a lemon over it as it sizzles. [11] At the feast held for Ser Balon Swann in Sunspear among the seven courses served is a soup made of eggs and lemons. [1] In the House of Black and White the kindly man gives Arya a drink which is very tart, like biting into a lemon she thinks. [12]

Outside Meereen Tyrion Lannister sarcastically thinks that after being rescued by Queen Daenerys Targaryen she will bake him and his fellow slaves lemon pie.[6]


His natural daughter?” Lady Sybell looked as if she had swallowed a lemon. “You want a Westerling to wed a bastard?” [13]