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Star of the Faith.svg Septa
Star of the Faith.svg
Art by Max Stocks

Alias Lady Lemore
Title Septa
Culture Westerosi
Born In or before 259 AC[1]
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Lemore, also known as Lady Lemore, is a septa of the Faith of the Seven and the spiritual tutor for Young Griff.

Appearance and Character

Septa Lemore by Marc Fishman
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Despite being over forty years old, Lemore is described as a handsome woman and has an outgoing friendly personality. She has brown hair and stretch marks on her belly from bearing a child.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Lemore is a crewmember of the Shy Maid, and educates Young Griff on the Faith of the Seven. During the ship's journey Tyrion Lannister enjoys watching her frequently bathing naked in the clean water of the river Rhoyne. He believe she was not always a septa, or at least not a chaste one; as she bathes Tyrion notices stretch marks on her belly, implying she has given birth at some point.[2]

When the Shy Maid reaches Volantis Lemore changes out of her white septa's robes and disguises herself as a merchant's daughter, as the city's main faith is R'hllor. While Tyrion has deduced Griff and Young Griff's true identities, he cannot figure out who Lemore is or why she travels with the others.[3]

Clad again in her septa's robes, Lemore accompanies Young Griff, actually Aegon Targaryen, to the Stormlands.[4]

Quotes by Lemore

The Mother and the Father made us in their image, Hugor. We should glory in our bodies, for they are the work of gods.[2]

—Lemore to Hugor Hill

You are not the only one who must needs hide.[3]

—Lemore to Aegon Targaryen

Quotes about Lemore

Still, a curious man might wonder why some sellsword's whelp would need a soiled septa to instruct him in the Faith, or a chainless maester to tutor him in history and tongues.[5]



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