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Jeor Mormont, the 997th Lord Commander of the Watch
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Lord Commander of the Night's Watch is the title held by the most senior officer of the Night's Watch; his seat is at Castle Black. The Lord Commander of the Night's Watch is the final authority and oversees the entire organization. He is assisted by the maester of Castle Black, First Ranger, Lord Steward, First Builder, and other high officers under him. The Lord Commander serves in office until the day he dies. It is claimed that there have been 998 Lord Commanders of the Night's Watch, although the most complete list in the vaults comprises only 667. The plural form includes "Lords Commander"[1] and "lord commanders".[2]

It is strongly suggested[citation needed] by George R. R. Martin that the Lord Commander is usually a ranger. This may be gainsaid by a passage in A Game of Thrones in which Jon Snow is appointed a steward and not, to his disappointment, a ranger, and assigned as the personal steward of the current Lord Commander, Jeor Mormont. His peers take it for granted that this means Snow is being groomed for leadership. A combination of these two theories may indicate a "fast track", on which suitable candidates for the Lord Commandership may be placed, giving them experience in each of three disciplines, regardless of which they are initially placed.


When a Lord Commander dies, any sworn man of the Night's Watch can nominate himself or be nominated by his brothers for the position. To win the election the candidates are required to receive two-thirds of the votes of the Sworn Brothers of the Night's Watch.[3]

If no candidate receives two-thirds of the votes, the choosing is repeated on the next day, with no time limit set, in fact there was once a choosing that lasted near two years and seven hundred votes. All sworn brothers of the Night's Watch have a vote, but since it is impossible for everyone to attend, the garrison commanders of those not at Castle Black cast the vote for them.

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