Lord Monkeyface

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Lord Monkeyface
Allegiance House Targaryen
Culture Crownlands
Died In 144 AC
Book Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Lord Monkeyface was Queen Visenya Targaryen's fool,[1] presumably on Dragonstone.[N 1] His real name is unknown.


Lord Monkeyface was hirsute and a hunchback.[1]


Archmaester Gyldayn records that Lord Monkeyface's antics greatly amused Queen Visenya. After he choked to death on a peach pit, Visenya replaced him with an ape, which she had dressed in the late Lord Monkeyface's clothing.[1]


  1. Since the Goodwife is known to have been the first fool at the royal court in the Red Keep in the beginning of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen's reign (Fire & Blood, A Time of Testing - The Realm Remade) and Queen Visenya Targaryen is known to have resided most of her life at Dragonstone (Fire & Blood, The Sons of the Dragon), it is likely Lord Monkeface was a fool at Dragonstone.


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