Lord Toad

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Lord Toad
Title(s) Fool
Book(s) A World of Ice and Fire (Mentioned)

Lord Toad was a hunchbacked fool at Casterly Rock during the time of Lord Gerold the Golden.


When the grieving Lord Gerold Lannister retreated into his books and bedchamber, the wife of Lord Gerold's heir, Ser Tion, Lady Ellyn Reyne held sway at the court of Casterly Rock. She hosted splendid tournaments and balls and used her new position to to empower her own house. Her brothers Roger and Reynard were ever at her side and Ellyn lavished them with offices, honors and lands. She did similar with her cousins, uncles and other kin. Lord Toad who was present to witness all this was heard to say, "Lady Ellyn must surely be a sorceress, for she made it rain inside the Rock all year."[1]

He later dubbed the bitter and ugly rivalry between Lady Ellyn Reyne and Lady Jeyne Marbrand the War of the Wombs.

References and Notes

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