Lothor Burley

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Lothor Burley
Night's Watch.svg
Title Lord Commander of the Night's Watch
Allegiance House Burley
Night's Watch
Culture mountain clans
Book(s) Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Lothor Burley was Lord Commander of the Night's Watch during the early reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen. He was originally from House Burley.[1]


Lothor hosted Alysanne Targaryen when the queen visited Castle Black in 58 AC. Lord Alaric Stark had sent word to the Night's Watch beforehand, so Lothor honored Alysanne with eight hundred black brothers when she arrived at the Wall. The lord commander served mammoth, mead, and stout at the welcoming feast. Lothor considered his accommodations to be unbecoming of a queen, but Alysanne gracefully praised his efforts.[1]


Lothor: We do what we can, Your Grace, but our beds are hard, our halls are cold, and our food—
Alysanne: —is nourishing. And that is all that I require. It will please me to eat as you do.[1]

—Lothor and Alysanne Targaryen