Lucinda Penrose

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House Penrose.svgLucinda PenroseStar of the Faith.svg
Title Septa
Culture Stormlands
Born In 103133 AC[1]

Lucinda Penrose was a noblewoman from House Penrose during the reign of King Aegon III Targaryen.[2] She was a companion to Queen Daenaera Velaryon.[3]


In 133 AC, the Maiden's Day Ball was held at the Red Keep to find a second wife and new queen for King Aegon III Targaryen. Many maidens across Westeros came to King's Landing in hopes of marrying the young king. Lucinda was one of the many maidens who suffered what was called the "Maiden's Day curse" by being injured or scandalized after the ball was announced. In Lucinda's case, she was set upon by outlaws whilst hawking along Blackwater Bay, not half a day's ride from the castle. Her hawk was killed, her horse was stolen, and a man held her down while another slit her nose open. It is possible that the attack was engineered by Lord Unwin Peake, the Hand of the King, as it was heavily rumored that he set to ruin various maidens to promote his own daughter as Aegon III's second queen.[2]

After the king married Lady Daenaera Velaryon, Lucinda became a lady companion to the new queen. After a poisoning attempt on the king and queen, Lucinda admitted to wanting Daenaera dead, since if her nose had not been slit, she would be queen and Daenaera would be serving her. Lucida lamented that no man wished to marry her.[3]

Lucinda was deemed to have only played a minor role in the plot, and on account of her sex, Lord Torrhen Manderly gave her a minor punishment. She was condemned to have her nose cut off, with the understanding that the punishment would be stayed if she gave herself to the Faith, so long as she remained true to her vows.[3]


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