Maezon zo Rhaezn

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Maezon zo Rhaezn
Alias Clanker Lord
Culture Ghiscari
Born At Yunkai
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons

Maezon zo Rhaezn is a Yunkai Nobleman.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Maezon zo Rhaezn along with his brothers Chezdhar zo Rhaezn and Grazdhan zo Rhaezn are mocked by the sellsword companies as the Clanker Lords, since they came up with the idea of chaining all the slave soldiers together so they cannot flee when facing the Unsullied of Daenerys Targaryen (as there previous soldiers did). The soldiers march at a snails pace due to the weight of the chains.

The Tattered Prince points out that these slave soldiers due to all the chains attached to them will be slowed and not be able to fight effectively.

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