Matthos Seaworth

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House Seaworth.svgMatthos SeaworthHouse Seaworth.svg
Matthos Seaworth portrait HBO.jpg
Kerr Logan's portrayal of Matthos

Allegiance House Seaworth
Died In 299 ACBlackwater Rush
Father Davos Seaworth
Mother Marya Seaworth

Played by Kerr Logan
TV series Game of Thrones: Season 2

Matthos Seaworth is the third son of Ser Davos Seaworth and his wife Marya. He is the second on his father's ship, Black Betha.[1][2] In the television adaptation Game of Thrones, Matthos is Davos's only son, and is played by Kerr Logan.


Matthos dreams of captaining his own ship.[3]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Planning for the Battle of the Blackwater, King Stannis Baratheon's admiral, Lord High Captain Ser Imry Florent, assigns Davos Seaworth and his sons' ships a place in the second line of battle, on the dangerous starboard wing. While Allard Seaworth voices his belief that it is a place of honor, Davos states it is a place of peril. Matthos and his other sons look pityingly at him for his nervousness.[4]

Matthos serves as second on his father's ship, Black Betha, during the Battle of the Blackwater. During the fight, the Black Betha is caught in an explosion of wildfire, destroying it and killing Matthos.[4]

A Storm of Swords

Davos, a survivor of the Battle of the Blackwater, remembers his four sons who died during the battle.[3]

Davos tells Stannis he planned to murder Melisandre because he believed she sent his sons to the flames, but Stannis tells him the fires were not her work.[5]

A Dance with Dragons

Davos recalls how his four sons died in the Battle of the Blackwater.[6][7][8][9]