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Meereen is a large city that lies on a piece of land that juts out into Slaver's Bay.[1] It lies on the northeast coast of Slaver's Bay at the mouth of the Skahazadhan, where it meets the bay.[2] It is renowned for trading in slaves.

The City

The city, like its sister cites, Yunkai and Astapor, is made from bricks. Here they are multi-colored. The walls are high and at every corner there are defensive towers. The city is dominated by the Great Pyramid. The north wall of the city runs along the river bank of the Skahazadhan, the river that flows through the city. Its west wall runs along the shore of Slaver's Bay. The sewers of the city empty out into the Skahazadhan.[3] It is ruled by the Great Masters. It has wide brick streets and the fighting pits are red.[4]

Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid is eight hundred feet tall and topped with a bronze harpy.[5]

Temple of the Graces

The Temple of the Graces houses the priestesses of Meereen, called Graces. It is topped with golden domes. The Graces are divided in groups with each a specific color and a specialty. The Blue Graces are specialized in healing.[6]


Slavers in Meereen only cut off the testicles when making eunuchs, compared to Astapor, where they cut off both penis and testicles.[7] When Daenerys Targaryen took Meereen, she abolished slavery within the city. However the practice was continued in the hills where slaves still worked on the estates of the wealthy.[8]

Sons of the Harpy

The Sons of the Harpy are a secret group that uses guerrilla-like techniques to undermine Daenerys Targaryen's rule. No one knows who their mysterious leader, the Harpy, is. Some suspect it might be Hizdahr zo Loraq, while others believe the sons have no leader.[9]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Ser Jorah advised Khal Drogo to drive his slaves to Meereen since it had suffered from a plague recently.[10]

A Storm of Swords

The Great Masters scorched the earth around Meereen when news that Daenerys Targaryen's army was marching on the city. The city was soon beseiged by the forces of Daenerys.[11] Daenerys took the city by sending men through the sewers and battering down the eastern gate.[12]

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