Monfryd I Durrandon

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Monfryd I Durrandon
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Biographical Information
Full Name Monfryd I Durrandon
Alias Monfryd the Mighty
Titles Storm King
Royal House House Durrandon
Predecessor Durran X Durrandon
Heir Durran XI Durrandon
Successor Durran XI Durrandon
Issue Durran XI Durrandon
Father Durran X Durrandon
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

King Monfryd I Durrandon, also known as Monfryd the Mighty, was a Storm King of House Durrandon. He crossed the Blackwater Rush and defeated the petty kings of House Darklyn and House Mooton in a series of wars and seized the port towns of Duskendale and Maidenpool. He was succeeded by Durran XI Durrandon.[1]


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