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Mossovy, also known as Far Mossovy, is a broad, forested region of northeastern Essos along the shore of the Shivering Sea. It is at the edge of the Known World, east of N'Ghai and north of the Cannibal Sands and the Grey Waste. The Thousand Islands are found north of the grim, grey forest.[1]


Sarnori ships sailed as east as Far Mossovy in the height of their power.[2]

Little else is known about Mossovy, only that it is a cold dark land of shapechangers and demon hunters. It is unknown what lies beyond.[3]

Upon revealing their marriage in 49 AC, Alysanne Targaryen remarked that even if she was sent to the ends of the earth and forced to marry "the King of Mossovy or the Lord of the Grey Waste, she would still find her way back to Jaehaerys.[4]

Behind the Scenes

Mossovy has not yet been mentioned in A Song of Ice and Fire, only appearing in The Lands of Ice and Fire and A World of Ice and Fire.


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