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Book A Clash of Kings (appears)
For the huntsman see Murch (Winterfell).

Murch is part of Yoren's band when it is marching north to the Wall to join the Night’s Watch.[1] It is not known whether he is a recruit, a criminal or one of the orphan boys.[2]

Recent History

A Clash of Kings

When the band is moving west- and northwards on side roads in the direction of the Gods Eye, they come to a village that has been burned down the night before. Yoren, Murch and Cutjack investigate the holdfast where some people have died. When they come back, Murch and Cutjack carry a woman whose arm has been cut off at the elbow while Yoren has a little girl less than two years old in his arms. Rorge and Biter start making fun of the dying woman crying "please" over and over again, but Murch, cursing them, tells the criminals to shut up. However, the woman dies that night.[1]

His further fate is not known, but he is not mentioned as one of those escaping through a tunnel when most of the band, including Yoren, die at the holdfast of an abandoned town on the southern shore of the Gods Eye in an attack by men under the command of Ser Amory Lorch.[3][4]