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Septon Murmison as depicted in Game of Thrones: Histories & Lore.

Died In 41 ACKing's Landing

Murmison was a septon who became a renowned member of the Faith and Hand of the King from 39 AC - 41 AC for King Aenys I Targaryen.[1] He is now used as a warning about the makings of a good Hand.[2]


Murmison was appointed Hand of the King by Aenys I Targaryen as a way to try and appease the Faith of the Seven and the High Septon. The Faith was furious when Aenys's brother, Prince Maegor, took a second wife, Alys Harroway, arguing that Ceryse Hightower, his first wife, was barren.[3] Aenys tried to placate the Faith by stripping Maegor of his own position as Hand and sending him into exile to Pentos. But not even the appointment of the reputed miracle-worker Murmison, could repair the breach with the Faith.[3][1]

Aenys had Murmison lay hands on Lady Ceryse's belly every night in the hope that Prince Maegor might repent if his lawful wife became fertile. However, Murmison only succeeded in making Ceryse grow weary of the nightly ritual and she departed King's Landing for Oldtown.[3]

Aenys enraged the Faith even further in 41 AC when he wed his daughter, Princess Rhaena, to his son and heir, Prince Aegon, and was denounced as "King Abomination". Pious lords and even the smallfolk who once loved Aenys turned against him.

Murmison was expelled from the Faith for performing the incestuous marriage of between Aegon and Rhaena, and was later torn apart by a group of Poor Fellows in a litter two weeks after he performed the ceremony.[3] The Faith Militant uprising had begun.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Lord Davos Seaworth, now Hand of the King to Stannis Baratheon, is concerned that he has risen too high from his humble origins. When Davos suggests that the Hand should be someone who is wise and learned, Maester Pylos reminds him that the miracle-worker Murmison was an unsuccessful Hand.[2]

Quotes about Murmison

Septon Murmison's prayers worked miracles, but as Hand he soon had the whole realm praying for his death.[2]


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