Mya Stone

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A young woman in service at the Eyrie to House Arryn, she serves as a guide on the treacherous rocky climb from the Vale to the Eyrie, leading trains of mules. She is somewhat openly known to be the bastard daughter of Robert Baratheon from the time he was fostered as young man by Lord Jon Arryn, although she was not acknowledged by her father. She has vague memories of her father, as a big strong man tossing her in the air and catching her.

Mya Stone reported that she was in love with Mychel Redfort, and hoped to marry him, hopes that were thwarted when Mychel married a highborn Vale maid. She later caught the eye of the amorously intended Lothar Brune.

Physically, she is a tall, strapping young woman, her coal-black hair cut short and deep blue eyes. She is said to have a mirthful, lusty personality.