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Myrielle Peake by Riottartherite.png
Myrielle by © Riotarttherite

Alias Lady Turnips[1]
Allegiance House Peake
Culture Reach
Born In 119 AC
Father Unwin Peake

Myrielle Peake was the daughter of the Hand of the King, Lord Unwin Peake of Starpike, and a proposed bride for King Aegon III Targaryen.[1]

Appearance and Character

Unwin Peake described his daughter as lovely and courteous. She was brown of hair and eye, with a broad, freckled face, and crooked teeth that made her shy with smiles. Mushroom writes that Myrielle was "no great beauty", but "fresh and pretty and pleasant".[1]


After her brother, Ser Titus Peake died in the Dance of the Dragons, Myrielle became Lord Unwin Peake's last surviving child.[1]

As Hand of the King, Unwin attempted to promote Myrielle as a bride for King Aegon III Targaryen after the death of Queen Jaehaera Targaryen in 133 AC. He claimed that Myrielle's personality, her age, and her mother's fertility made her the perfect candidate in marriage to Aegon. When Aegon expressed doubt about liking Myrielle, Lord Peake likened a potential marriage to the king having to eat turnips when his cooks prepared them. When word got out, Myrielle was soon known throughout the Seven Kingdoms as Lady Turnips.[1]

Many lords disapproved of Peake trying to forward the match so soon after the suspicious death of Queen Jaehaera. Lord Cregan Stark suggested the north would look on the match with disfavor, Lord Kermit Tully called it presumptuous, and Grand Maester Munkun's support began to waver, acknowledging that the match would be seen as advancing House Peake's interests rather than being for the good of the realm. Due to pressure from the lords and ladies of the realm, Uwin instead announced the Maiden's Day Ball.[1]

Myrielle arrived a fortnight before the ball, and Unwin made sure that his daughter spent as much time as possible with the king. Half a dozen dinners together were held, and it seemed like the king was fonder of Myrielle than he ever was of Jaehaera. Three days before the ball, he gave her one of Jaehaera's dolls. Myrielle took this as a token of affection when she was presented at the Maiden's Day ball, cradling the doll in her arms like a babe. The king greeted her by name, and told her he was pleased she liked the doll.[1]

Aegon III did not marry Myrielle, however, instead wedding Lady Daenaera Velaryon. Lord Peake took the rejection of his daughter as a personal affront.[1] This was partly the reason for his resignation as Hand.[2]

As Lord Unwin's only surviving child, it is possible that Myrielle inherited Starpike, Dunstonbury and Whitegrove at some point.


Lord Peake
three wives
Two sons


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