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Naath is an island of the northwestern coast of the continent of Sothoryos, in the Summer Sea.[1]

Missandei is from Naath.[2]


The people of the island are called Naathi. They are called the Peaceful People, due to their belief in extreme pacifism. They make music rather than war and kill nothing, not even animals, eating only fruit and never flesh. They are widely sought after by slavers who consider them to make the best slaves.[2]

Naathi have a unique look to them with flat faces, dark skin and golden eyes.[2]


The Naath believe in one god, the Lord of Harmony, who has existed and will exist for all time. He is the source of creation.[3]


Naath is located west of the Basilisk Isles and east of the Summer Isles. Specifically, Naath is located directly east of the southernmost and largest of the Summer Islands, Jhala. It is located due south of Old Valyria. Naath is separated from both Jhala and Old Valyria by large stretches of the Summer Sea.[4]


Before the slaver raids intensified significantly after the Doom of Valyria, the Naathi were actually involved in long-distance trade networks stretching from Essos to Westeros. Given that the island's environment is so well-suited for insect life, Naath used to be a major exporter of silk (from silkworm caterpillars). The Naathi also exported fine handicrafts and delicate spiced wine. The Naathi's shimmering silks could be found in markets throughout the Seven Kingdoms and the Free Cities. The slaver raids became so frequent after the Doom, however, that the Naathi had to abandon their coasts to take refuge in the hills and forests of the interior. As a result the export trade has largely collapsed in the past four hundred years, and Naathi silks are less and less frequently seen in the world's major cities.[5]

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