Night King

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Night King
Allegiance White Walkers

Played by Richard Brake
TV series Season 4 | Season 5
For the legendary figure, see Night's King.

The Night King is the leader of the White Walkers in the television adaptation Game of Thrones.[1] As of yet he has only appeared in the show.

Game of Thrones

Season 4

The last infant son of Craster is taken by a White Walker to the Lands of Always Winter, where they are awaited by the Night King and other White Walkers. When the Night King touches the baby's face with his nail, the boy's eyes turn blue.[2]

Season 5

The Night King commands White Walkers and wights during their attack on Hardhome. Jon Snow watches as the Night King raises slain free folk as wights.[3]

Behind the Scenes

When asked if there is a connection between the Night King of the White Walkers and the Night's King of legend, George R. R. Martin replied,

As for the Night's King (the form I prefer), in the books he is a legendary figure, akin to Lann the Clever and Brandon the Builder, and no more likely to have survived to the present day than they have.[4]

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