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Old Ghiscari is a language which began in the Old Empire of Ghis.[1] Old Ghiscari has largely been replaced with bastard dialects of High Valyrian along Slaver's Bay.[2][3]


Old Ghiscari is a guttural-sounding language, described by Tyrion Lannister as harsh and ugly[4] and by Victarion Greyjoy as full of growls and hisses.[5] "Zzzs" are rolled in the language.[4] Its writing uses glyphs.[6] Mhysa is a word meaning "mother" in the old pure tongue.[2]


Old Ghiscari developed from the ancient city of Ghis in Ghiscar. The region was conquered by the Valyrian Freehold in five Ghiscari wars, however, and the Ghiscari people became slaves of Valyria. The Slaver Cities instead came to speak bastard Valyrian, High Valyrian corrupted and flavored with Ghiscari.[6][7][3]

A mongrel tongue,[8] a blend of Old Ghiscari and High Valyrian, is also spoken along Slaver's Bay.[1] Maester Kedry is fluent in this mongrel Ghiscari.[9] The bearded woman of Yezzan zo Qaggaz's grotesquerie speaks in a mongrel Ghiscari which Tyrion Lannister finds uncomprehensible.[10]

Characters familiar with the Ghiscari tongue


You need a bee up your nose to speak Ghiscari properly.[4]


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