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[[Category:Members of the Kingsguard|Oakheart, Olyvar]]
[[Category:Members of the Kingsguard|Oakheart, Olyvar]]
[[Category:Nobles|Oakheart, Olyvar]]
[[Category:Nobles|Oakheart, Olyvar]]
[[Category:Casualties of the Conquest of Dorne|Oakheart, Olyvar]]
[[es:Olyvar Oakheart]]
[[es:Olyvar Oakheart]]

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House Oakheart.png
Olyvar Oakheart

Alias The Green Oak
Title Ser
Allegiance House Oakheart
Died In 161 AC
Book(s) A Feast for Crows (mentioned)

Ser Olyvar Oakheart, known as the Green Oak, was a knight of House Oakheart. He was a member of the Kingsguard during the reign of Daeron I Targaryen.[1]


Olyvar died at the side of his king, Daeron I Targaryen, when they were cut down in the Prince's Pass of Dorne, as depicted in a tapestry at Old Oak.[1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Ser Arys Oakheart thinks of Ser Olyvar and the Oakheart tradition of killing Dornishmen while walking the streets of Sunspear.[1]

References and Notes

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