Osmund Strong

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House Strong.svg Ser
Osmund Strong
House Strong.svg
Allegiance House Strong[1]
Predecessor Alton Celtigar (Hand of the King)
Successor Alyn Stokeworth (Hand of the King)
Culture Rivermen[1]
Died In 34 AC[2]

Osmund Strong was a knight from House Strong and the fourth Hand of the King to Aegon I Targaryen.[1]


Ser Osmund was named Hand of the King by Aegon I Targaryen in 17 AC, following the death of Lord Alton Celtigar in office.[3]

After Aegon heard of an attack on Tall Trees Town in the Summer Isles, Ser Osmund and Grand Maester Gawen were charged with the overseeing and raising of walls around King's Landing.[1] Work on the walls commenced in 20 AC and continued until 26 AC.[3] In 29 AC and again 30 AC, Ser Osmund and Lord Aethan Velaryon, lord admiral and master of ships, led campaigns in the Stepstones to root out the Lysene pirate king Sargoso Saan. They were accompanied by the young Prince Maegor Targaryen.[4]

In 34 AC, Ser Osmund died in office and was replaced as Hand by Lord Alyn Stokeworth.[2][4]


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