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Night's Watch.svg
Night's Watch.svg
Ghost attacks the wight who was once Othor.
Art by Mike S Miller

Died In 298 AC, the haunted forest
Book A Game of Thrones (appears)

TV series Season 1

Othor is a ranger of the Night's Watch.


Othor is a big, ugly man who carries a hunting horn and an axe.[1]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Othor is a member of the ranging party commanded by Benjen Stark, and he sings bawdy songs when they depart Castle Black. Jon Snow finds his corpse in the haunted forest when he goes to say his vows beneath the weirwood grove. Othor's corpse is brought back to Castle Black. Reanimated as a wight, he seeks out and attempts to kill Lord Commander Jeor Mormont but is stopped by a fire started by Jon. His eyes turned blue while a wight.[1]

A Clash of Kings

Ser Alliser Thorne brings Othor's still-moving hand in a jar to King's Landing to try to scare the Iron Throne into sending more men to the Wall. Disliking Alliser,[2] Tyrion Lannister keeps the envoy waiting so long that Othor's hand decomposes and is unconvincing.[3]


And might be I'm a fool, but I don’t know that Othor never had no blue eyes afore.[1]