Pate (whipping boy)

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Allegiance House Baratheon of King's Landing
Born In 291 AC or 292 AC[1]

Pate is a whipping boy in service to House Baratheon of King's Landing. He is the whipping boy for Tommen I and the former whipping boy for Joffrey I.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Queen Cersei threatened to send for Pate when Tommen I refused to do as she wished. After the threat was made, Tommen relented.[2] However when Tommen stood up to his mother, Cersei had Boros Blount of the Kingsguard force Tommen to whip Pate himself till Pate bleed from both cheeks, if Tommen refused or said one word of protest, Cersei instructed for Qyburn to be summoned and to remove Pate's tongue in front of Tommen.[3]


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