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Second Sons small.png
Second Sons small.png
Penny - by Pojypojy ©

Alias Lady Imp
Allegiance Second Sons
Born In 281 AC, 282 AC or 283 AC[1]
Book(s) A Storm of Swords (Appears)
A Dance with Dragons (Appears)
The Winds of Winter (Appears)

Penny is a dwarf woman from across the narrow sea.


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Penny has smooth pink cheeks, thick curly warm-brown hair, a heavy brow and a squashed nose. Her brown eyes are large and trusting. Tyrion has thought of Penny as being ugly and also almost pretty - if you can forget that she's a dwarf.


Penny and her brother Oppo make their living as entertainers who ride atop a pig (Pretty Pig) and a dog (Crunch) while mock fighting each other. Her brother went by the name Groat. She and her brother were Groat and Penny after the two smallest coins.

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

In Pentos Penny and her brother are hired by a man known as Oswell to entertain the guests in King's Landing during Joffrey Baratheon's wedding to Margaery Tyrell. They ride a pig and a dog while in painted wooden armor.[2] It was Oppo who met with Oswell; Penny did not, as Oppo always made the arrangements.

Unknown to the pair, this stunt was arranged by Petyr Baelish in order to provoke a quarrel between Tyrion and Joffrey, in order to add further false evidence against the dwarf when he would be accused of Joffrey's murder.

A Feast for Crows

Penny's brother Oppo is murdered by sailors from Westeros who falsely believe him to be Tyrion Lannister.[3]

A Dance with Dragons

Penny spots Tyrion Lannister when he is a prisoner of Jorah Mormont. Full of grief for her brother's death, she attacks him and is eventually restrained by Jorah. She is made to accompany the pair when they sail for Meereen. Tyrion takes pity on her for what happened to her brother.[4] She eventually teaches Tyrion how to joust while mounted on the pig. They, along with Jorah and the crew, are captured by slavers after their ship Selaesori Qhoran [5] is captured and sold at auction. They are bought by Yezzan zo Qaggaz who outbids Brown Ben Plumm.[6]

Penny and Tyrion are made to entertain the crowds in the fighting pits upon the day they are reopened. Unknown to the pair, lions were meant to be released on them after they finish their mock joust, but when Daenerys Targaryen learns of this, she orders the lions not to be released.[7] When their master dies of the pale mare, Penny, Tyrion and Jorah escape and secretly join the Second Sons led by Brown Ben Plumm, after Tyrion promises Plumm large sums of gold once he reclaims Casterly Rock, of which he is the rightful heir.[8][9]

The Winds of Winter

As the Second Siege of Meereen is beginning Tyrion finds Penny in their tent, she is already clad in the company's steel armor. Penny helps him put on his armour. As Tyrion is reminiscing to her about his father during the Battle of the Green Fork she kisses him quickly. Tyrion Lannister is at a loss for words. Tyrion asks her if she heard the sound outside and that it is made by the war. Penny tells him that he is brave but he thinks she is lying and mocking him as he is reminded of Shae's lies.

Penny senses Tyrion's fury and apologises to him. She then tells him she is frightened - but those were the same words Shae had used too. Tyrion remembers that he swallowed every bit of it, even though he had known what Shae was. He becomes lost in a black rage, turns away from Penny and goes outside.

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She looks so young, he thought. A girl, that's all she is. A girl, and almost pretty if you can forget that she's a dwarf. Her hair was a warm brown, thick and curly, and her eyes were large and trusting. Too trusting.