Plains of the Jogos Nhai

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Jogos Nhai astride zorses on the plains of the Jogos Nhai - by Marc Simonetti ©

The plains of the Jogos Nhai are situated in Essos, east of the Great Sand Sea and the Howling Hills, north of Yi Ti and the Shrinking Sea, and west of N'Ghai and the Bleeding Sea. To the north is Leviathan Sound and the Shivering Sea.[1][2]

The plains are vast and may be flat or gently rolling. They are dominated by the Jogos Nhai, a race of nomadic mounted warriors.[3]

Behind the Scenes

The Jogos Nhai people have been mentioned in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. However, the geographical plains of the Jogos Nhai have not yet been mentioned and only appears in the map collection The Lands of Ice and Fire.


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