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Podrick Payne
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Podrick Payne by Amoka©
Podrick Payne by Amoka©

Alias Pod
Allegiance House Payne
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (Appears)
A Clash of Kings (Appears)
A Storm of Swords (Appears)
A Feast for Crows (Appears)

Played by Daniel Portman
TV series Season 2 | Season 3

Podrick Payne is the squire of Tyrion Lannister. He is from a cadet branch of House Payne[1] and a distant cousin of Ser Ilyn Payne.[2] He is twelve years old.[1]

Appearance and Character

He is a skinny boy with straight, thin hair. He has a stye beneath one eye.[3] He is very quiet.[2]


Podrick was born a member of a lesser branch of House Payne. His father was a squire to richer cousins and his mother was a chandler's daughter. His father died in the Greyjoy Rebellion and his mother abandoned him when he was four years old and ran away with one of the cousins his father had squired for. He ended up with Ser Cedric Payne who took care of him, although he might have treated him more like a servant than a relative. Ser Cedric took him along to tend his horse and clean his mail, when Lord Tywin Lannister called his banners at the start of the War of the Five Kings. Ser Cedric died in the fighting in the Riverlands.[4]

Pod, alone in the army, attached himself to the hedge knight Ser Lorimer, who was part of Lord Leo Lefford's troops and charged with protecting the baggage train. Ser Lorimer stole a ham from Lord Tywin's personal stores and was hanged for it, but Podrick, who had shared the ham, was spared due to his family's name. Ser Kevan Lannister took charge of him.[4]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Podrick Payne passes into the service of Tyrion Lannister as his squire after Tyrion joins the Lannister forces in the Riverlands. He is so quiet that Tyrion on one occasion makes him stick his tongue out to confirm that he has not lost it, as his relative Ser Ilyn Payne did. Tyrion suspects that Podrick has been assigned to him as some cruel jape.[2]

A Clash of Kings

Upon their arrival in King's Landing, Tyrion Lannister sends Podrick to Ser Aron Santagar, master-at-arms of the Red Keep, for training. His training comes to an end when Ser Aron perishes in the bread riots.[4]

He is present in the Battle of the Blackwater, joining Tyrion's several mounted sorties. He later saves Tyrion's life from Ser Mandon Moore of the Kingsguard and causes Ser Mandon to drown due to his heavy armor.[5]

A Storm of Swords

Podrick is part of Tyrion's party that goes forth to meet the delegation from Dorne. He describes the banners of the Dornish nobles to the gathered nobles. Sansa Stark is wary of Pod at first, as he is a cousin to Ser Ilyn Payne. However, she soon comes to realize that Pod is as frightened of her as she is of his cousin. Whenever she speaks to him, he turns the most alarming shade of red. When Tyrion is in the Black Cells, he brings Bronn to see him.

A Feast for Crows

Pod and Brienne overnighting somewhere as they search for Sansa Stark - by mustamirri©

Podrick talks with Brella, Sansa Stark's, former maid, who tells him that Brienne of Tarth has visited her and that she is searching for Sansa. This prompts Podrick's wish to find Brienne, as he hopes that her finding Sansa will lead him to Tyrion. He starts to follow Brienne who is on her way towards Duskendale.[3]

Brienne first notices Podrick from a distance in Rosby, riding on his horse[6], then again outside of Duskendale, later bumping into him on a street of the town, knocking him over. She remembers seeing him earlier and his behavior seems suspicious. She notices him again on the road to Maidenpool and realizes that he has been stalking her at least since Rosby. She confronts him and finds out that Podrick has been following her in hopes of finding Sansa, who in turn might know the whereabouts of Tyrion.[3] Brienne agrees to bring Podrick with her and along the way helps him to improve his swordsmanship.[4]

After an encounter with remnants of the Brave Companions at the Crossroads Inn, Podrick is among those taken prisoner by those sworn to Lady Stoneheart. Judged guilty for being allied with House Lannister, he is sentenced to death and scheduled to be hanged along with Brienne. However when they began to hang him, Brienne screamed a word. What that word was is unknown, but since Brienne appears alive and well in A Dance with Dragons, it clearly saved her. Whether it saved Pod as well is not yet known.[7][8]

Quotes about Pod

"The boy may be a stumbletongue, but he’s not stupid". [4]

- Brienne

It was Pod on the bridge of boats, the lad saved my life. [9]

- Tyrion Lannister's thoughts

Quotes by Pod

"Ser? My Lady?"

“I told you I could fight!” [10]

- Pod, after stunning Shagwell with a rock

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