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Pynto's is a tavern in Braavos. It is owned and run by Pynto, an old pirate.[1]


Pynto's lies at the northern end of Ragman's Harbor, a few blocks east from the edge of the Drowned Town.[2] The tavern is full of cats, as Pynto believes they bring good luck and keep his tavern free of vermin.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The blind girl has begged at Pynto's. She recalls that it stinks of sour wine, stinky cheese, and Pynto himself. After begging at the Inn of the Green Eel the night before, the blind girl opts to go to Pynto's. She finds herself in luck as the tavern is almost empty and Pynto lets her come inside. She is able to sit in a quiet corner not far from the fire. It turns out to be a good night for the blind girl as Pynto is in a jolly mood and he gives her a cup of watered wine, a chunk of stinky cheese, and half of an eel pie. As the hours pass, the tavern fills up and the blind girl is able to eavesdrop on the talk of the various patrons.[1]

The blind girl later tells the kindly man what she overheard at Pynto's.[1]