Qarlton II Durrandon

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House Baratheon.svg King
Qarlton II Durrandon
the Conqueror
House Baratheon.svg
Full name Qarlton II Durrandon
Title Storm King
Heir Qarlton III Durrandon
Successor Qarlton III Durrandon
Personal Information
Alias Qarlton the Conqueror
Culture First Men
Dynasty House Durrandon
Issue Qarlton III Durrandon
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Qarlton II Durrandon, self-styled Qarlton the Conqueror, was a Storm King of House Durrandon during the Andal invasion and a grandson of King Erich VII Durrandon.


Qarlton was the first Storm King to face the Andals in battle. He also, after four generations of war, completed the reconquest of Massey's Hook after a year's siege and slaying the last Massey king, Josua. However, he held his conquest for less than two years, as Togarion Bar Emmon threw the stormlanders away from Massey's Hook. Qarlton II, however, soon had to face the Andals, whose longships had begun to land on the Stormlands' shores. Qarlton II was succeeded by Qarlton III Durrandon.[1]


Erich VII
Qarlton II
Qarlton III
Monfryd V


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