Quentyn Ball

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Quentyn Ball
Fireball crest.png
Alias(es) Fireball
Title(s) Ser
Allegiance House Ball
Culture(s) Westeros
Book(s) The Sworn Sword
The Mystery Knight
Personal arms A fireball blazing red and yellow across a night black field[1]

Ser Quentyn Ball, better known as Fireball, was a member of House Ball. His personal coat-of-arms was a fireball blazing red and yellow across a night black field.[2]


He was the master-at-arms of Aegon IV Targaryen in King's Landing, who had promised him a place in the Kingsguard. He made his wife join the silent sisters in order to facilitate this. However when a place became available under Daeron II, the successor of Aegon, Fireball was refused the white cloak and it was given to Ser Willem Wylde instead. It is what made him come round to the rebellion of Daemon Blackfyre. It was rumored that he had as much a part as Bittersteel in convincing Daemon to claim the throne.

It was Fireball that rescued Daemon when King Daeron sent the Kingsguard to arrest him. During the Blackfyre Rebellion he killed Lord Lefford at Lannisport and sent Lord Damon Lannister back to Casterly Rock when he came out to confront him. At the crossing of the Mander he slew all the sons of Lady Penrose save for the youngest, who he spared as a kindness to her. He was slain by a common archer on the eve of the Battle of the Redgrass Field[3] when he stopped for a drink of water.[4]

It is possible he fathered a bastard son named Glendon Flowers.

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