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| Title        =
| Title        =
| Allegiance = [[Aenys I Targaryen]]<br>[[Aegon Targaryen (son of Aenys I)|Aegon Targaryen]]
| Allegiance = [[Aenys I Targaryen]]<br>[[Aegon Targaryen (son of Aenys I)|Aegon Targaryen]]
| Race = [[Dragon]]
| Species= [[Dragon]]
| Place_of_Birth=
| Place_of_Birth=
| Date_of_Birth =
| Date_of_Birth =

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Aegon and Quicksilver.jpg
Aegon Targaryen and Quicksilver are killed in the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye, as depicted by Michael Komarck in The World of Ice and Fire.

Allegiance Aenys I Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen
Died In 43 AC, at Gods Eye
For the ship see Quicksilver (ship).

Quicksilver was the dragon of King Aenys I Targaryen[1] and his son, Prince Aegon Targaryen.[2]


Aenys was three years old when his mother Rhaenys Targaryen died. Always weak and sickly, the death of his mother shattered the boy, and there were doubts as to whether he would live.[3] But when he was given the hatchling dragon Quicksilver, his condition quickly improved, and "as the dragon grew, so too did Aenys."[1]

After King Aenys I died, Quicksilver was claimed by his eldest son, Prince Aegon. Meanwhile, Aenys's half-brother, Maegor, usurped the throne and began to crush the Faith Militant using the dragon Balerion, the Black Dread. Eventually Maegor I's cruelty grew great enough that Aegon rallied what forces he could in rebellion against him, including his dragon Quicksilver. They engaged Maegor's royal army, with Maegor riding Balerion, in the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye. Quicksilver was not a very young dragon at this point, at least three decades old, but it was nowhere near the size and raw power of Balerion, who was by then around a century and a half old and of tremendous size. Balerion made short work of Quicksilver, killing both dragon and rider in 43 AC.[2]

Known dragonriders of Quicksilver

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