Raymund Mallery

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Raymund Mallery
Culture Crownlands
Died In 50 AC or 51 AC[2]Beyond the Wall[2]

Raymund Mallery was a knight from House Mallery and a member of the Kingsguard during the reign of King Maegor I Targaryen.[1]


Ser Raymund and his sworn brother, Ser Olyver Bracken, abandoned King Maegor I Targaryen in 48 AC when Prince Jaehaerys made his claim. Since both men had broken their Kingsguard oaths by not protecting Maegor, and Jaehaerys did not wish for oathbreakers to serve him. After taking the Iron Throne he offered them the choice of execution or taking the black, with both choosing the latter and joining the Night's Watch.[1]

In 50 AC Raymund and Olyver led a rebellion of former Faith Militant in the Watch, trying to make themselves lords of castles at the Wall. Lord Walton Stark rode north to aid the loyal brothers with ending the mutiny. After Sable Hall was informed of Olyver's execution at Rimegate, Raymund fled beyond the Wall to join the free folk. Lord Stark marched north in pursuit, but was slain in the haunted forest by giants. Half a year later, Raymund's head was delivered to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea by a chieftain who claimed his wildlings had eaten Raymund's rebels.[2]


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