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The Reach with the major strongholds

The Reach is one of the constituent regions of the continent of Westeros, and was formerly a sovereign nation known as the Kingdom of the Reach before the War of Conquest.

The Reach is ruled from the castle of Highgarden by House Tyrell. It is one of the larger regions of the Seven Kingdoms and considered the most fertile and heavily-populated part of Westeros. Bastards born in the Reach are given the surname Flowers.

The Reach is considered the home of chivalry in Westeros. It is the place where knighthood is looked upon with the greatest reverence and esteemed the most. It is also the place where the rules to tournaments are the most stringent and managed.[1]


The Reach encompass a region of the most fertile part of Westeros and numerous and well-populated villages and towns. It borders the Sunset Sea to the west, the Red Mountains of Dorne to the south-east, the hills of the Westerlands to the north-west and the Blackwater Rush to the far north-east. The region also includes several islands, including the Shield Islands at the mouth of the Mander, and the Arbor south of the Whispering Sound.

Two major roads cross the region, linking the Reach with Crownlands and Westerlands, at King's Landing by the Roseroad and Lannisport by the Ocean Road, respectively. The Reach is watered by the immense river Mander and its many tributaries.

Notable locations

File:Tomasz Jedruszek Wardens from the Reach.JPG
A large Tyrell ranging party rides across the Reach in a wide formation – by Tomasz Jedruszek. © Fantasy Flight Games


The beginnings of the Reach can be traced back to the Age of Heroes, when the legendary King of the Reach, Garth Greenhand live, from whom the ruling line of House Gardener and many current houses in the region claim to be descended, including House Tyrell, the current overlord of the Reach.[2][3]

The Reach is the heart of the chivalric tradition in the Seven Kingdoms, the place where knighthood is most universally esteemed. Tournaments here have the most elaborate and varied rules, and are the most likely to be held for knights only. It is said that the Dornishmen have warred against the Reach and Storm's End for a thousand years, dating from the Rhoynar Invasion. The borderlands between the two regions, called the Dornish Marches, are populated on the north side by marcher lords loyal to the Tyrells.

House Tyrell of Highgarden claimed dominion of the Reach following the death of King Mern Gardener at the Field of Fire during the War of Conquest. At the time the Tyrells were the stewards of the Gardeners, and surrendered Highgarden to Aegon. They were rewarded with both the castle and the position of overlords of the Reach.

Robert's Rebellion saw the Reach provide much of the pro-Targaryen strength, and host the Battle of Ashford. After Robert Baratheon's death, most reachmen joined the Tyrells in declaring for Renly Baratheon. Some joined Stannis after Renly's murder, but most were idle for a time before marching with Tywin Lannister to defeat Stannis in the Battle of the Blackwater. Since then, reachmen have provided much of the Iron Throne's manpower, under the uneasy Lannister-Tyrell alliance. The Reach itself remained untouched by the war until the Battle of the Shield Islands, which marked the beginning of Euron Greyjoy's campaigns in the south. Since then Oldtown and the Arbor have been threatened by ironborn raiders.


The Reach is the second wealthiest region in the Seven Kingdoms behind the Westerlands, but it is the most fertile region. Among the products it produces are melons, fireplums, peaches, apples, and grapes. The Arbor is said to make the finest of wines, from dry fruity reds to a rich golden vintage. Woodharps made in Oldtown are highly sought after.

Before the Conquest, the golden coins of the Reach were known as hands. They still exist in some number, with each coin roughly half the value of a dragon. [4]

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