Roland Crakehall (Kingsguard)

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House Crakehall.svg Ser
Roland Crakehall
Roland Crakehall.jpg
Ser Roland Crakehall, as depicted in The Hedge Knight graphic novel

Title Ser
Culture Westermen[1]
Born Crakehall[1]

Roland Crakehall was a knight from House Crakehall and a member of the Kingsguard during the reigns of the kings Daeron II and Aerys I Targaryen.[2][3]

Appearance and Character

Roland was a large and powerful knight,[1] bigger in size than his sworn brother Ser Donnel of Duskendale. Ser Duncan the Tall considered Roland to be one of the greatest knights in the realm, aside from perhaps Prince Baelor Targaryen.[2]


Ser Roland, along with his two fellow brothers of the Kingsguard, Ser Willem Wylde and Ser Donnel of Duskendale, escorted the royal Targaryen princes to Ashford for the tourney in 209 AC. He helped Prince Maekar search for his sons Daeron and Aegon, whom were supposed to be at the Ashford tourney. All three members present fought on behalf of Prince Aerion in the trial of seven.[2]

Ser Roland was among three Kingsguard who marched on Whitewalls with Lord Bloodraven to put down the Second Blackfyre Rebellion. He found Ser Duncan the Tall amongst the prisoners and escorted him to the Hand's pavilion to meet with him.[3]