Rosamund Darry

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House Darry.svgRosamund DarryHouse Darry.svg
Allegiance House Darry
Culture Rivermen
Born In 103133 AC[1]
Book Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Rosamund Darry was a member of House Darry during the reign of King Aegon III Targaryen.[2]


In 133 AC, the Maiden's Day Ball was held at the Red Keep to find a second wife and new queen for King Aegon III Targaryen. Many maidens across Westeros came to King's Landing in hopes of marrying the young king. Rosamund was one of the many maidens who suffered what was called the "Maiden's Day curse" by being injured or scandalized after the ball was announced. In Rosamund's case, she was rumored to have six nipples, as her mother had supposedly lain with a dog. It is possible that this was a rumor fabricated by Lord Unwin Peake, the Hand of the King, who wished to promote his own daughter as Aegon III's second queen.[2]


Lord Darry
Lady Darry


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