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Title Maester
Allegiance The Citadel
Book Fire and Blood (mentioned)

Ryben was a maester of the Citadel.[1]


Ryben was the Citadel’s foremost expert on banned, forbidden, fraudulent, and obscene texts.[1]


Maester Ryben is dismissive of the story told by Coryanne Wylde in a A Caution for Young Girls that she was ordered by Lord Rogar Baratheon to try and seduce King Jaehaerys while he was in his minority on Dragonstone. Ryben considered it nothing more than a tale to excite people.[1]


“Amongst the smallfolk there are always men of a lascivious character who delight in tales of great lords and noble knights despoiling maidens, for this persuades them that their betters share their own base lusts.” [1]

—writings of Ryben


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